Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bergaduh tepi jalan (somehow it sounds better than roadside fight huhu)

Last night was another hell. My proposal needed more ajinomoto, salt, pepper and whatnot. Repairing my proposal demands hardwork [and I'm not a hardworker~!!! : ( ] So, I guess my bed would have to wait. Anyway, I was hammering my head in hopes that it would trigger some fantastic, marvelous, incredible idea out of its nerves and neutrons. When suddenly in the midst of listening to Canon in D, I heard screams.

Somebody was having a huge fight by the road in the middle of the night. It was 1 in the morning. I tried peeking though the window but I only heard the screams but not the people in the fight. I know it was between a man and a woman. Can't comprehend what is being said though. Only heard bits and pieces. The man was shouting loudly but too quick for my ear to catch the words.

My sister (who was upstairs) heard some bits and pieces too. From the upstairs verandah, she saw that there was another man on a motorcycle so she assumed that the man and woman fighting is either husband/wife or bf/gf and the one on the motorcycle is the third wheel (haha!). There was one sentence that she heard clearly:

Man: Kalau kau tidak sayang saya sudah, kau kestau bah! P*ki*a punya perempuan! Tiada guna!

And later he shouted, "Pulanglah! Pulanglah!"

He was really shouting his head off~! Not pleasant to the ears though huhu

The woman was crying so I don't have any idea what she said. She shouted from the top of her lungs though.
About 15 minutes after I first heard them shouting, I had gone back to my laptop (no time for drama, gotta finish the proposal!) and I saw bright blue lights from the window. So the busybody in me peeked outside and saw a police patrol car. I had no guts to peek any longer so I just went on with my business. Screams were no longer heard.

Maybe my neighbours called the police. Cannot tahan the shouting any longer.

This is where they had their fight. Beside the main road, where cars were zooming by. The pink one is my house hehehe They were having that fight very close to the houses. Even cars slowed down to look at them.

Moral of the story? Don't cheat on your loved one! ... thanks for the latenight entertainment, whoever they might be. Got me snapped out of my sleepiness hohoho but being the procrastinator that I am, my proposal is not done~!!! GAH~!!!!!