Sunday, July 18, 2010

Up in the air?

When we were in the Philippines, we tried to catch a picture with us jumping behind the Jose Rizal monument. huhuhuhu Fail to the max~!!!

Attempt #1

Everyone was already landing~!!! Snapped a little late. 

Attempt #2

Snapped a little early... everyone was only starting to jump.

Attempt #3

Err... I'm not sure which stage this is... are we trying to jump or landing already?

Attempt #4

Epa was triumphant~! But the rest of us... hahaha fail. If Cory and I were standing next to eachother, we look like we're clubbing hahaha. Berjoget ko sana ah Cory~! Ninang looks like she was welcoming her son home from the kindergarten. Reney... She looks like a beggar was trying to touch her.

Attempt #5

This time the guys joined. Hrmm... we look like we're playing the 'you're it' game and the cameragirl was 'it'. Everyone's trying to run away hohoho Men bubut2 la sana.

Attempt #6

Yeah 50% was successful~! Hehehe Cory... your look here is PRICELESS~! Psst.. did Don passed gas? hahaha

Jumping 10 times in the scorching hot sun was not pleasant but the laughs we had looking at the pictures are worth it. Last but not least....

 GBU~!!! <3

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thanks a lot housemates~!!!

I've always dreamt about multiflavoured cakes all rolled into one.

Something like this

or this hohohoho

On the eve of Cory's birthday, Epa, Ninang and Fun2 surprised us with cakes from Secret Recipe~! Wuauuuuu... When Epa walked in with the cakes in her hands I was so surprised I actually thought it was supposed to be for Dudu (Let me explain; July 1st is Dudu's birthday and July 2nd is Cory's) so I sang along hahaha didn't know it was for the three of us hohoho

Anyway, dream came true cake~!

Mango, black forest, classic cheese, choco banana, and I forgot what... huhuhu Yummy~!

Dig in~! Now you see it...

Now you don't~!

The birthday girls. Moi, Cory and Dudu hohoho

Thanks very much guys~!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

How are you today?

Huuuuu.... today my life pretty much sucked.

Woke up early at about 7am with a pain on my neck. and surfed the net before going downstairs. No church for me this week (again). My excuse today was because my parents aren't home so I'm not going to church. A bad excuse but yeah, still an excuse. I'm not surprised if Lucifer decides to drag me to hell one of these days.

9am, I went downstairs to watch some cartoons. In the middle of the Jackie Chan cartoon, an alarm went off in my brain. I haven't done my laundy yet. Threw some clothes into the washing machine and continued watching the tv. 9.25am, approximately 5 minutes before Spongebob, the power was out. My clothes were soaked in the washing machine.

I'm an optimist. Reading a Reader's Digest mag I just bought from the Philippines, I secretly hoped for the power to come back in the matter of minutes.... to no avail. Push comes to shove, I rather reluctantly got up and washed my laundry manually.

After I hung my clothes to dry, I continued to read. As I was finishing the mag, the power came back. 2 hours too late. By that time, I had already given up watching the tv so I went up to my room and indulge in a calm afternoon nap. Just to wake up an hour and a half later to the sound of rain. No doubt my clothes are no drier than before.

As if my day couldn't have gone any worse, I lost my broadband. Damn~! I was so sure that I put the thing inside my backpack... How can one tiny thing cause me so much misery?

Thinking about my internship didn't help. Tomorrow is the start of my internship. It's not something to worry because it is not like practical. Internship is much more relaxed but yeah, it didn't fail to make me worry. I dunno... I'm so disturbed right now.

Love, Judith.

p/s: Let's pray tomorrow will be a better day. (As if it can get any worse... but I'm not betting against it either!)