Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cursed chain of bad movies~!

I love going to the movies~! Hohoho but these past weeks kinda dampens my burning desire to watch movies in the cinema. "Why?" You asked, heh now I can read minds. Bravo~!

I was cursed with bad movies.

Either that or I don't have a good taste in movies. I like the former reason. Cursed was I, Dudu, Cory and Ninang. (Don, I'm not sure if you were cursed along or not hoho).

Emm... all of the comments I make here is purely from my thoughts and preferences so if you don't agree with me, it's not the end of the world. : )

The first movie was this,

Alpha & Omega

I'm all for animation but this one was... not cute, not funny, not my glass of beverage. Very awkward animation... it's just, wrong.

The second cursed movie,

La Americano... 

Nothing to say because this movie is absolutely terrible~! I used to think that 'Beowolf' was a bad movie but compared to this, Beowolf looks like an award winning movie. This is the worst movie I have ever seen. What were they thinking? I've never slept while in the movies but yes, I slept on this one, with my mouth open, mind you. Grrr...

We were even thinking of doing a movie marathon with this and Buried but cancelled due to this movie's awesome power to completely bore you to death dreamland.

You see, I'm a positive person. I thought that the third time's a charm but to my sorry ass, we watched this;

Buried starring Ryan Reynolds. 

I loved Ryan Reynolds in his sitcom, '2 guys and a pizza place' but this one is a masterpoop. The story was good but being in the coffin in the whole movie??? WTH?! Boy, this must be the cheapest movie budget ever, all he needs is a wooden box (coffin), a lighter, a cellphone, some stick lights, waterbottle and a snake. That's all. Like I said, the story is good but I think it would be better if there were flash backs when he was kidnapped or stories outside of the coffin. This was better than Alpha&Omega and The American though.

When will the chain be broken?! Haiya...  Good thing we didn't do a movie marathon before!

Movie #4~!


Retired and Extremely Dangerous~! Hohoho this was the chain breaker. Finally~! About CIA retirees that are hunted... they're old but they still have the charisma to charm the audience. I like RED. hohoho Marvin is my fave character in this movie.

Movie #5

The other guys.

It wasn't great but it didn't suck too bad either. Well, after the trauma of watching 3 bad movies in a row, my expectations in movies falls drastically. It was funny but I think it was too long of a movie.

Movie #6

Reign of assassins

I love the love story in here~! Makes you wanna smile when the lovey dovey scenes come up. The story and fighting scenes was good. Only thing I was not sure why was, why don't they use Michelle Yeoh's real voice? It was a bit disturbing for me... but I still love the movie~!

By the way, a lot of Growball's chairs are broken. Fix it you guys~! I know they have replaced some new chairs but please, take care of the ones you haven't replaced too, especially in Hall 1.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have a short fuse.


I know this is one of my many weaknesses. Different is, I don't like this one the most. I have a very short lease, a short fuse, I'm hot headed, whatever you want to call it. I get angry really fast.

Example #1,

When I'm teaching in class, if my students won't pay attention to what I'm saying, I get really frustrated and ended up teaching nothing. I will get all grumpy and ask them to do exercises instead. It's hard work thinking all the strategies to make them understand the lesson and what do they give me? A mouthful of whines and unimportant chit chat.

Example #2,

I would get angry at other drivers for cutting me in without signaling. Yes, I'd shout (inside the car though, not enough courage to give them a big shout or the finger, the latter sounds fun).

Example #3,

I don't like to be disturbed when I'm watching the television. Sometimes I say rude things (or reply in a I-don't-care manner) to my family for blocking the tv or if they try to strike a conversation with me. I hate this the most most most most most~! I mean, it's just a tv show, there are bound to be reruns anyway...

Many things annoys me but I would like to keep it to myself because I think getting mad at someone is not nice. Today I shouted at a friend because he was fooling around while I was kinda stressed out because of a certain lecturer huhuhu I didn't mean to do it but err I did it anyway, to which I'm feeling the guilt in the pit of my belly. I'm sorry~! : D 

I have got to manage my emotion better~!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don't jump on the jetty

Hi gals and guys,

Yesterday I went to my 2nd island getaway, Manukan Island~!

Ecstatic upon arriving, we went on and tried to capture a jumping pose picture on the jetty. It was a first attempt success~! Hohohoho but...

Look at where my selipar jepun is at... XD 
Huhuhu posing with my rogue slipar.

Thank Heavens that the picture of us jumping turned out fine~!

Was waiting for the other boats to come so we can ask the boat driver for help huhuhu

My saivour~! Hohoho thank you Mr. Boat Driver~!

Whole again~!

Less than 10 minutes on the island and this slipper thing happenned. Did I mention that I forgot my purse too? Grr... thanks to Epa yg kurang comel for lending me some money~! Hohohoho Despite all that, I had a blast in Manukan... I'll post about this later~!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wish list~!

Everybody wants something. Anything at all, even if you know that it's impossible, you still want it. Huhuuuu

So, to commemorate today's beautiful date, 10/10/10, I will reveal to you my wish list~! Ohohoho since I'm not going anywhere today... :( Home bound by choice, pathetic but yeah, that's me. : D

1. Travel to Japan / South Korea. I've been wishing this for the past 10 years. Ohohoho

Streets of Tokyo.

South Korea. Where I'd like to watch Dream Team live hahahaha

2. Watch a tennis grand slam match. Preferably the Roland Garros in Paris. Wow, it must be exciting to be there, experiencing all the action huhuhu If it's not tennis, watching a badminton match is also my wish.

Koo + Tan, watching them would be fun hoho

Nadal... hohoho the king of clay performing on clay is a must watch~!

3. Watch a live concert.
To be amongst the crown... wuuuuu :D

It doesn't have to be these guys (but if it's SHINee's concert, wahahaha I'd die in happiness). I want to be in Celine Dion's concert too... XD

4. To own some interesting gadgets. Right now I want the new iPhone 4 huhuhu and I've been wanting that Nintendo wii : )

5. To know how to wear makeup properly~! Argh... with my sepet eyes, it's double the trouble grr... maybe I should always go au naturale.. hahaha

These are only 5 of my long roll of wishes. Huhuhu Some I don't think I should share with others. Perhaps my biggest wish is that I will always be in good terms with my friends. I regret that whenever I see my friends from school, I always have nothing to say... not like those days when we were together. Well, I'm working on that~! If you're reading this, my friends from school, I'm going to greet you when I see you~! Huhuhu I hope I can hold on to that hohohoho
Anyway, I hope I can do half of these things before 12/12/12~!