Monday, May 31, 2010

Kupi Mahal (Overpriced Coffee hoho)

Semester 7 is over~! Exams were a whole lot of crap. I was blabbering thoughout my papers. I just hope the lecturers find some sympathy marks in my essays~! I didn't study enough hoho

The day before the exam, I was still watching movies on Hallmark and watching shows on KBS haha totally not freaking over exams.

No, 1D2N is not a cartoon huhu

This is a great site if you wanna know more about '1 Night 2 Days' hoho Basically the guys will go to towns or islands in South Korea to promote the specialty of the place. No hotels though, they will play games to determine whether they will sleep inside or outside, to get food or to get money. This show is really funny. Whoever likes to just laugh out loud (like me), you should watch this show~!

The 'Don't Move!' game.

Everybody, this is Sangguen~! Mascot of 1N2D. I like all of them but if I have to pick one favorite, it will be Sugeun~!

1 Night 2 Days airs on Friday (2320) and Sunday (Rerun 1720). Channel 303 KBS huhuhu I'm officially their promoter hahaha

So anyway, after the exam was over, I, Cory, Dudu and our pimp Don went out to watch Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time.

I remember years ago when I was playing the game. It was fun and challenging, so challenging that I didn't finish the game haha I got stuck in a scene for a long time and just... stopped. What a shame~!

I thought the movie was great~! But Cory thinks it's very similar to another movie, Next.

All those hanging and running on walls was my favourite part~!

The actions were very much similar to the game (it's magic how I still remember the actions despite all the years, come notes for the exam, I can't remember squat~!)

Meoww~!!! Ngiahahahaha

If you haven't watched it yet, what are you waiting for??? Spend RM5 in Growball Cinemax (if you're a student hehe---gah, next year I won't be able to watch movies for as low as RM5 no more~!)

That same day, Don belanja-ed us at a very expensive coffee place. I seldom come here because, yeah, I'm not a pimp like Don. Kidding, kidding... Don is not a pimp. He teaches in tuition classes so he has the $$$ to buy all these stuff. I'd love to peek at his perfume closet~! There's a rumour that says he only buys quality perfume nowadays hoho

We want to rob him.

Waaaa kids nowadays so rich ooo...

3 of us ordered this~! I can't remember the name... erm... chocolate something something.


Kanak-kanak riang a.k.a Cory

Dudu, the only one who actually ordered coffee~! Mocha something something huhu (seriously I can't remember the name!)

  I think when we go someplace, we should try out its speacialty. Like when we go to Secret Recipe, we should eat the cake, Pizza Hut --- pizza, etc but this time, I strayed from my objective. What to do, I love chocolate more than coffee~!

Thanks again Don~!

Wishing everybody around Sabah,
Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan~!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's automatic

*I had this saved for a long time (since Feb) but never published it, I dunno why hohoho so now I'm publishing it!*

"Haih... tidak pandai suda sa bawa kereta manual ooo!" I seriously thought my brother was being silly when he said this just months after he bought his new automatic car.

I've only had my Myvi earlier this year. Last month I was driving my dad's manual Unser around KK and...
I sucked at it huhuhu T____T

May update = Now I'm fine driving manuals hohoho I just have to remind myself about the clutch -.-

I was so used to hit the brakes first before changing the gear from 'P' to 'D'~! Whereas when using a manual gear, you have to hit the clutch before changing the gear. Pelaziman la ni konon... Classical conditioning. Terbiasa proses-proses driving an automatic car. Pheww... Pavlov and his dog must be proud of me!


By the way, my brother told me and I read in the newspapers that fuel price is going up (again, sigh). WTH??? This makes me regret buying an automatic car. Grr... why do automatic cars eat a lot more than mauals?

lol literally costing an arm and a leg huhuhu

Sunday, May 9, 2010

In a nutshell : )

30.04.2010 marks the end of practicum number 3 for me huhuhu

It really was a rollercoaster ride. Some ups and downs with the occasional loops. The ups being my observations finished rather quickly, school food was inexpensive and yummy (minus the oil-infested nasi goreng) and the teachers in the school were very nice.

Roti telur, bandung cincau, cendol. Guess which drink is mine? Muahaha of course the pink one~! XD

My other fav. drink here, kitchai ping~!

The downs were my students... haish. Very noisy and wouldn't hand in their works. One very down the hill moment was when a certain lecturer hurt my feelings. Not going to bother telling it here lah. : (

My Mathematics class. This was on Saturday, only a handful of pupils came. Another down --- two Saturday classes for me this practical.

Playing the 'Maths Race' game in class. This class makes me want to be observed everyday because when it comes to me being observed, they suddenly transform into angels (in disguise of course!). I'm always thankful that they behave really good during observations.  

Jarod and Abba. The quiet one and the one who is always late. My class usully is the first class in the morning and Abba would always come late, dragging his tired-equipped school bag, as if he just came back from a flight from London.

So, anyway, my students were very nakal right? Last Friday we decided to have a little party, sort of like a farewell party.

The guys trying to pop the 'champagne' hohoho They even put some mentos in.

I was quite overwhelmed because I wasn't expecting it to be quite sad. But yeah, the boys and girls shed some tears, gave me presents eventhough I specifically told them not to give me anything. Some gave letters too.

I'm teaching them how to camwhore.

One letter says , 'Terima kasih cikgu kerana mengajar kami dengan lemah lembut.' Hahaha if ever I was gentle. I think everytime I go to class, I was always nagging and shouting at them. Oh yeah, one thing I've learnt this practical was that my voice is not so loud afterall. With two lecturers telling me that, it ought to be true.

This is a gift from Osman and yes, it is a Ferrero Rocher~! Among others, I received cute teddy bear keychains, a tutu wearing mushroom keychain, pens, biscuits, a pretty notebook, etc.

In the end, the class followed me until I reach the Staff Room. huhuhu very touching~!

Dudu looks like she wants to poo hahaha

During my practical, Dudu, Fun2 and I went to the beach, we were caught in a traffic jam and decided to unwind at the beach huhuhu

Looks like a UFO is coming

We were just in time for the sunset. It was beautiful, I love sunsets hohoho

According to Dudu, there's a bowing man and a slender lady in the cloud. Can you spot them?

Makan time in Year4~! This is my English class.

Arrynchia, Kevenia, Adam and Willsie. I sweae, Arrynchia looks like this in every picture. Wahahaha She's actually a very quiet girl in class.

See, there's Arrynchia again. Arrynchia, me, Britney and Adam. 

My English class is pretty okay. At first, they wouldn't keep still and listen to my instructions. But overtime, they learnt to listen.


The bitten heart. Thanks Fun for biting my heart and giving me that smug look hoho

Altogether now, "Awww...." You guys are in our hearts too~!

I uploaded this picture just to prove what I said earlier. Why didn't I canwhored with Arrynchia???

This is a gift from Cassendra. It's a teddy bear that says 'Best Teacher'. Thanks~!!! : 3

I got an earring too.

Haha you can't really see the earrings

Nah, much more clear.

: ( Yes Adam, it ended too soon!

This is the frame we got the school. Thanks Epa for the idea.

We can't see it but we're standing infront of the table the four of us shared. The teachers prepared a feast for us, which was really super nice of them. We received gifts from the teachers too~!

One thing that I'm thankful for is this magnetic nametag. No more holes on my clothes~! This thing is expensive for a nametag (RM15-RM18) but its worth every cent. It's easy and clean. It's really easy to put them on hohoho but there's always a possibility that this is going to happen...

She was being observed that day too~!!! Wahahahahaha I was so close to not telling her that her nametag is upside down but... decided against it. Kesian ba odia kena observe lagi tu... : )