Saturday, January 23, 2010


Upon chatting with an old friend way back from primary school, I got a little bit puzzled and a bit annoyed at the same time.

On 2 different occasion, she said something that rendered me speechless.

#1, She asked me what I was doing during my last semester break. I said I did nothing, went nowhere (no allowance~!) but stayed at home watching tv, fb-ing and taking care of my sister's baby. She responded with this, "Awww... little Judith has grown mature!!! Way to go, nurture that mother instict in you!"


#2, I was at home with my brother. Parents were out and I was supposed to put food in my brother's belly before he goes to work. So, during our chat, I said I have to go because I have to cook for my brother. She responded,

"uish..pidith masak..adakah ini tanda tanda ko mo suda dewasa untuk menjadi ibu yang baik??jeng..jeng..jeng"


To you, it may sound normal but to me, it's like a giant brick wall falling into me. When I was in primary school I was very childish and would merajuk so much with this friend. We haven't met for years and throughout the years, I think I've changed la kan... Everybody goes through that transformation. She can't expect me to be the same old grumpy kid~!

Besides, me taking care of babies and kids do not make me mature. Ok, maybe a little. For the most, the experience made me more responsible.

 I will not hate this friend, I will not chase her with pitchforks and torches... I will however, try to explain to her nicely.... maybe. huhuhu

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I luv ice cream~!!!

I never knew people actually count sheeps when they can't sleep~! I thought it was just some cartoon thing... I just found out that a friend of mine does that when she can't sleep hoho I wonder if she dreams of sheeps hopping a fence too?

Another friend thinks a book is a sleeping pill. She will be in deep sleep before she turns to another page! <--Ninang la ni~!

Another amazing sleeper is Epa. She'll lie down on her bed and 10 seconds later, yep... she's asleep. Real Nobita-like hahahahahaha

As for me...

This is what you see on my bed~! No, I don't highlight my comics. My highlighters just happened to be there.

Sometimes I just cannot get myself to slumberland huhuhuhu Pure torture ok. So instead of tossing and turning in the dark, I read comics, novels, Reader's Digest or just do a couple of sudoku. If that doesn't do the trick, I'll just go downstairs and watch some tv or facebook.

Some people sleep with their eyes open (partially). Meme sleeps like that. She has tricked so many people unknowingly. People will talk to her and sheepishly turn around laughing as they realized that Meme is  actually sleeping.

Watched Fun Fun do that hehehe and I didn't tell her Meme was sleeping, just to see how far Fun2 would go. Teehee~!


In-class activity

My new rings and watch

If Mr. Zul saw this, he'd most probably send me to the councellor or worse still, he'll become my councellor himself!

I'd drag this person too~!

Dudu, the ink master~!

Practicum is fast approaching~! I kinda hate practicum... Grrr... Next week is the last week before going out for practicum. Hope for the best and pray that the 3months passes by swiftly and nicely~!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's hereeeee~!

Have you ever wished that your eye colour was more interesting? Like those orang putihs got blue, green, hazel eyes huhuhu It's no surprise that I have hohoho Wouldn't it be nice to change your eye colour once in a while?

I'm no orang putih, so I turned to contact lenses~! Some time back, I ordered a pair of lenses from (the lenses there are pretty cheap~! Mine costs only RM24~! I can't believe it back then)

This is my first contact lense, so instead of going blue or purple... I decided to keep it low and chose brown lenses. Maybe later I'll be more adventurous and wear blue ones hehe

Lenses in bottles. I love playing with the camera. This picture focuses the bottles and makes the blog blur...

While this pic focus on the blog and make the bottles blur hoho

I'm so excited to wear this (kasian ba first time pakai contacts~!).

I have no idea how to insert the thing into my eyes hohoho had to ask my sister to teach me. It was scary huhuuuu I look like I wanted to poke my eye~! Once I inserted the lense, I cried rivers and waterfalls.

But once I get the hang of it, it gradually becomes easier to do.  And this is the end product~!

Yes, that's a pyjama. Sorry, I'm so not good with plucking my eyebrows~!!! My eyebrow looks like Shin Chan's~! teehee XD

It came out exactly like I wanted them to... The lenses are not so light in colour hoho It's not too obvious kan? But you know that it's there.

Hehehe when the allowance comes (which probably will come next year... :( damn it), I think I'll buy another one, a blue or green one hehehe

Happy weekend, people~!!! Which I'm spending at home hohoho pathetic but I'm content.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Should I...?

Should I use this ringgit note?

Money is not sufficient in my life (there's a rumour that our allowance will be given in March~!!! Till then, I shall eat sup rumput~! T________T)

This RM50 is a speacial note because it is made to comemorate our nation's 50th independence. If you look closely, it's not the average 50 note.

Special features of this note

There's a writing beside the 50 (low, middle part) that says 1957-2007. Then there's the 50 logo on the upper right area. Mine is so speacial, look at the serial number. If you read it from behind, it's 1957~!!!

I don't know why I kept this thing in the first place. Thought it was special and I should have it hoho And... I secretly thought that if I were to sale this RM50 note later (like in 2020) somebody will buy it from me with a higher value than this note holds. Say... like RM50 000 for this note~! muahahahaha yeah, yeah wishful thinking.

I'd be so rich, I'd wipe my ass with money.

So the dilemma is... should I or should I not use this special (potentially will make me rich in 2020!) RM50 note?

Haiyaaaaa... I'm in dire need for money~!!!

On a different note (pun! XD), hehe my sister paid me RM50 to iron her working clothes for a week~! 4 baju kurungs only~!!! (4, because it was Monday night. Only 4 more days of work for her)

Hmmm... in order to save my special edition RM50 note, maybe I should ask my brother if he needs help ironing his clothes hohoho


Do YOU need help ironing??? Price is negotiable~! >.<

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How do you do?

Did you know that when someone ask you, "How do you do?" You have to reply, "How do you do?"?

It's like bowing to Japanese people. You bow, I bow, you bow, I bow and it goes on and on huhuhu

Thought this was cute hoho

Anyway, I'm feeling fine. Compared to earlier this week.

I have problems adapting lah

I think it involves a new situation and I just found out that I react poorly to new situation and place. 

Well, if I'm positive enough, it should get better and better.

Besides, I have friends bah kan kan kan?

One thing that I've not settled in this semester is one of our lecturers. Haish... he looks so serious, talks so slowly an ant wouldn't hear him and shout "Huh?", and on top of it all, he asks a LOT of questions. Grr...

Makes me feel stupid, uneasy and helpless. Cisss...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I feel...

... stupid.

Moronly stupid. I hope I didn't make the stupidest decision in my life.

Nothing I can do but hope for the best. Even if I regret this so damn much, it wont turn the hands of time, right?

I completely ignore what people tell me and do what I want (eventhough its crazy, I still did it!). I swear, this is how I'm going to ruin my very existence hoho


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Checel~!

My sister and I leeched on our aunt and uncle hehehe They belanja-ed us at Promenade for their daughter's birthday huhuhuhu I was embarrassed to go alone (they were supposed to have dinner themselves but Checel asked me to come hehe) but my sister came to my rescue~! (she thick faced-ly asked my aunt to be belanja-ed! <--- super polution of the English Language!)

Behold, the power of a blogger~! Muahahahaha

Because it was kinda last minute, I didn't get to bring a camera with full battery... haiya. I decided to snap pictures without the flash in hopes to save the battery. But it made the pictures blurry... T_T

Sister, birthday girl & cousin Jessie. Jessie was coincidently there (dating huahuahuahua).

BUT, I made sure I snapped the food with flash hehehe I'm twisted hohoho I know.

So, we got there at around 7.50pm and straightaway made a beeline towards the buffet.

My appetizer. Some fruits, sushi, salami and salad. (Bell pepper, cucumber and long beans are the only veggy I eat~!) I never knew salami would taste oh-so-wonderful~! Yummy~!

My main course

It doesn't look like much but I can assure you it's very good~! At buffets, I usually try to take a small portion of every single thing (except.... yeah, veggies!) and my plate ends up looking like this huhuhu Did you notice my rice is actually 2 different rices? The one on the left is nasi ayam and the one on the right is our usual steamed rice. I didn't see the chicken rice before huhuhu

Dessert~! >.<

My favourite part of meal~! hehehe they have lots and lots of selection here, I totally went crazy hehe Rambang mata ooo... It's not only a feast for my appetite, but it was also a feast for my eyes. The desserts are very pretty and well made. Conveniently, they were cut in small proportions (so we can try every single cake!).

From appetizers, main course and dessert, Promenade offers a kaleidoscope of choices. Plus, the staff was friendly and helpful hoho

All this is possible because...

The birthday girl

This girl asked me to come. Happy Birthday Chechel~! And ofcourse aunty and uncle who belanja us hohoho