Sunday, March 8, 2009

I don't know if I'm sad or happy

Should I rejoice?

Cry a river?

Why? because earlier today the badminton coach smsed me saying whether I really wanted to participate in KAGUM or not because he needs a highly disciplined player in his team.
Bewildered, I asked him, 'Do I have a disciplinary problem?'
He said I didn't turned up to practice yesterday.

Well, to my defense, I wasn't aware that there's practice session yesterday. You know where I was yesterday? playing golf with my bro and sis. I could've easily gone back to IP ba if I knew. I thought he said the weekend is supposed to be the day we jog around. no practice. WTH?!

I freely kna ckp x berdisiplin... Maybe I misintrepeted his orders ba... he didn't believe me, I guess, because he said he will discuss this matter to the higher people.

 I feel like doing the katon gokyaku no jutsu to him.

Back to the title, I dunno whether to feel happy or not because the kagum is almost 1 week in duration (during cuti lagi tu). I wanted to spend the holiday with my family. If I don't go to Johore, then I'm home bound la.

I'm not sad if I'm not going because I want to save money for my HK trip this June. huhuhu

Conclusion? I hope my name will be dropped from the bdmntn team~!!! I don't play exceptionally good badminton ba. I just enjoy playing with my friends and watching the pros on tv only hohoho

What a way to start the day : someone saying you're 'x berdisiplin' early in the morning. LOL

*pics above didnt involve any mardigras parades and careless fire spitting. No harm was done.*


Lindut a.k.a Carmel said...

ee....ilang ingatan kali tu coach kamu tu kan..mmg susah jg oh kn kalo lecturer skjap ckp len,bsok2 ckp len..sabar ja lh ah..

Munchkin said...

hahaha antara itu ataupn sa sda ilang ingatan hahaha

tp yg sa x puas ati pasal itu jak pn dia mo kasi besar2. cam bdk2. haha... biarlah kalo dia mo kasi drop nama sa pn, dia jg susa mo cr pemain dlm 1 mggu hahahaha koto

fayneez said...

sy sk la pics ko jud..hehe

Munchkin said...

tq laila huahuahua
kalo org comel misti gmbr dia pn comel ngiahahaha