Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hooked on Moomoo

Hohoho I bought this last week and I just can't get enough of him~! Hahahaha Presenting.... MooMoo~!

I only have him on video... hoho forgot to take pics of him. Turn down your speaker because the sound of the aircond is deafening. It's like a blizzard is in the car~! Run MooMoo~!!! *ehem*

Reminds me of Onew huhuhu (Dudu will be delighted~!) Gosh, I might just name him Onew~!

Onew (I'm fighting the urge to say Onew oppa but realized I'm older than him hoho Damn all you young people~! XD Wish I could be 18 again. Ahh... 18 was fun) 


Talking about SHINee, my absolute favourite song in the Lucifer album is Quasimodo and Life~! I want to use those songs in this blog but thus far haven't added any jukebox in here. Being an absolute idiot in technology and all (T.T) Tutorial please Encik Slash~! Or Adik Slash.. because I AM older than you~! Wahahahaha Gosh I'm older than everyone... major depression coming.

Take care everyone.


Thanks to Slash's swift actions, I now have a song on my blog~!!! FYI Slash, I tried compressing the thing but it's still 4mb in size hohoho Nvm, it's still pretty small. For Slash's put-a-song-on-your-blog tutorial, click here~! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Robin Hood wannabe~!

Ja jang~!

I've always thought that archery is fun. Holding the bow and shooting the arrow and all... huuuu it looked cool.

Cool... minus the bump hahahaha

Never thought I'd be black & blue over it~! T.T

This is from that night. (i) was right after I took off the harness... A little bit of pain sensation can be felt. (ii) was when we got home. I noticed there were another small circular bruise on top of the big one. Huhu (iii) was 2 hours after #ii, before I went to bed. Huhu We can see a lot of progression from (i) to (iii).

Hohoho day 2 and 3 freaked me out a little bit. It was huge and purplish in color~! Day 7 was a sigh of relief. I managed to hide it from my mum. My sister saw the bruise though, as I was trying to pick baby Ivy up.

I was so excited~! Maybe all the adrenaline was rushing in so I didn't really felt the pain hohoho

With the instructor. She was nice and helpful. Helped me to change the bow when she found out that I'm a lefty.

Dudu and I hohoho I look so sinister huhuhu

My shots~! Hahaha only one arrow was in the yellow region.

My self-explanation is that the bruises surfaced because my arm is not straight. Huhuhu When I let go of the string, it slapped against my arm, thus the bruises. I'm not sure about the small circular bruise though. Huhuhu kena hisap hantu???

Buuuuuut... I'd go again someday~! It was fun and exciting hohoho btw, we paid RM17 for 2 person (RM8.50 per person) for 40 arrows (20 per person). We got cheaper price because we used our student cards. Huhuhu better exploit that card more... can't use it anymore next year~!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Playtime in Watsons

Last week we went to Karamunsing to buy sandals but we were a little early, Watsons was the only shop lot that is open.

So we went there to play.

Looks a lot like 4feetnine~!

Saw sample eyeshadows and we played with them hohoho

Why do I have that surprised look? hahaha can't really see the eyeshadow. Curse these eyes~!

I put eyeshadows on Dudu~! Wahahaha you can really tell that I'm no expert in makeup. I rarely wear makeup lah. I guess being sepet doesn't help my motivation to apply some makeup huhuhu I can put tons of eyeshadow and you still won't see it~! Serious~!

The lady on the counter was giving us dirty looks so we took off hohoho but not before paying for the stuff we bought.  

For using free eyeshadow, I was punished later in the evening. Huhuhu wanna see the punishment? Ta-da~!


Will post about this later huhuhu

Monday, September 6, 2010

Toothy toothy

This is my niece, Ivy. Ohohohoho she now has teeth~!

My sister took this picture with much difficulty and this is the best one hahaha Ivy is so active, always moving hohoho so it's very hard to take still pics of her.

She's coming here today~! Hope she won't cry when she sees me. The last time I saw her, she cried because she didn't recognize me. Mummy says its because I haven't seen her for so long that she didn't know I was her aunt. huhuhuhu T.T

I'm determined to not make her cry~!!! Hwaiting~!

p/s: school holiday rocks~!