Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kumusta ka yo? Philippines trip part 2

The Third day was shopping day with an hour of our lifetime spent being lost.

Shopping malls were abundant~! Everywhere you turn, there's bound to be one just begging for you to enter~!

Behold, Greenhill~!

A pretty building near Greenhill.

First, we went to Greenhill. All of the shops there were high end shops but we were there too early so we had to let it go (hehe honestly, we can't afford to shop there~! Poor students' fate).

Then, we headed to Greenbelt. Now there's a place for us. The stuff there was cheap but you really have to endure the incessant, 'pili lang...' and 'polo shirts' being shouted in your ears.

otw to Greenbelt.

Shops as far as the eye can see... huhuhu lots and lots of shops/stalls were there. The big group separated and Don, Cory & I went together.

We developed this silly practise of asking the price and go on to other shops to see whether it is cheaper. When we realized the price of the other shop was cheaper, we can't seem to find the shop~! Happened about 3 or 4 times.

There were no benches to sit on too... we only found out the others were sitting sipping cold drinks upstairs. Hohoho seriously, my legs felt overused and mistreated.

Legs eventually gave out and we ended up sitting wherever.

When we finally decided to go back to our hotel, this happened at the MRT.

People were going back home from work too~! What great timing...

And, as we went inside a coach, Ninang was left standing outside the closed door~! Huhuhu the look on her face is still fresh in my mind~! Out of all of us, she was the only one left behind. No worries though, we got back together at our stop.

What felt like an hour of commuting, we got back to the station near our hotel... to find out that we've lost our way~! It was raining too~! We separated into 2 groups and I was relieved to find the other group was lost too~! Ohohoho We met on the roadside and we were all wet from the rain. Hahaha finally we put our heads together and figured out the way.

We got lost because we remembered the 7-11 that was 2 blocks away from our hotel but we didn't know that the road across the station also has a 7-11. So, we followed the wrong clue huhuhu anyway, I never knew getting lost can be fun. Maybe because we were all together with good friends.

End of day 3.

The fourth day was shopping day in Mall of Asia. Some of the things that I bought were just silly things. Things that I don't think I'll actually use.

Saw this theme park otw to MOA. If I ever come to Manila again, I'd like to visit this park huhu

MOA, the largest mall in the Phillipines. It is the 3rd largest mall in Asia and the 4th largest mall in the world. Needless to say, it is huge~!

~And this was my first stop here, the ladies' room. It has this huge ass mirror and I absolutely adore it~! And when I came out, I saw this;

Guys, I know we major in Maths, don't we have a smaller calculator than a scientific calc? Hoho I forgot what Farid & Ninang was counting for.

Our mission in MOA was to watch a movie, eat and shop. So, first up, Cory & I was incharge of buying the movie tickets.

Surprise surprise, the cinemas here do not assign the seating arrangements like Malaysia. It is free seating. Later I found out that other countries like America also practises free seating. Only countries like Malaysia, Japan and Korea, etc provides seating arrangements in the cinema.

So, imagine our horror~! (We like to have a good spot to watch movies, I personally like to sit dead center)

Oh yeah, we decided to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D. Hohoho was so excited~!

We had time to kill so we made ourselves at home : ) I think this was near hall5.

Blue elephant made from LEGO huhu

I love the concept of this shop~! The nails in this shop was knife, screwdrivers, etc. Didn't snap a single pic of it because I'm afraid I'd be bludgeoned hehe I'm not mental.

Another interesting shop. It's not a bookshop though, it's a boutique called Apple & Eve.

Finally, the movie was minutes away. The ticket includes a free popcorn or hotdog. I chose hotdog and some of the others chose popcorn. The popcorn is not the same with ours too. There, the popcorn is all white. You need to add your own desired amount of salt. Poor Epa, she thought the salt was sugar so she poured a lot of the salt in~! Imagine what it tasted like... huhuhu

We decided to sit here. Of all places, we chose here. I wanted to go nearer the screen but decided to stay huhuhu : (  

After the movie (which was funny and I actually cried in the end haha Andy is such a good boy~!), we scattered to have lunch.

Reney, Cory, Don and I decided to go here (I forgot the name!) because the interior is cute hoho


Then we all reunited to figure out the way to Bench. Why don't we have Bench here? It's a cool shop.

Along the way, we got distracted by this ice ring. Spent about 15 minutes adoring the scaters.

Got so distracted in Bench hence no photos of Bench hehe Almost everyone bought something in Bench. Be it perfumes, shirts and boxers. I saw a very cute watch but sadly, I didn't go with my guts to just buy it huhu At the end of this trip, I still have 1000+ pesos with me.

Cory and I making a wish hahaha can't really see me.

After this, we all went to Baclaran because a taxi driver told us that the stuff there is cheaper than those in Greenbelt. Huhuhu no pics there though, we were warned not to show something pricey...

Don, Cory, Zul, Zima and I decided to head back to MOA and shop some more~!

Late into the night, I bought some doughnuts hohoho I love doughnuts~!

There was a huge globe infront of MOA and it differs when it is day and night.

This is what the globe looks like in daytime.

By nightime, it displays magical colours. It was during the world cup and the globe even turns itself into a soccer ball. Didn't manage to snap the pic though huhu

Got back to the hotel and almost fainted from fatigue huhu thank goodness I was wearing shoes and not sandals. End of day 4.

Our last day was again the repeat of the first day. Long van ride from Manila to Clark, airplane ride from Clark to Kota Kinabalu.

This is the only picture were all of us are in the frame. At the front desk of our hotel.

Crammed inside our van~! I was beside Zima~!!!

Made a stop to buy some manila mangoes~! The dried mangoes was deliciously yummy~! If you happen to go to the Phillipines, do buy heaps of 'em~!

I loved this trip~! Hope I can have another fun trip next year~! Amen.

The Phillipines can be a great place to travel, so long as you have planned where to go and you are in great company.

Salamat po~!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kumusta ka yo? Philippines trip part 1

A major series of photos ahead.

5 days 4 nights in the Philippines was such a great experience for me. Travelling with 8 other friends enriched the experience. I couldn't ask for better companions.

We bought the AirAsia tickets to Clark last year for cheap cheap cheap prices hohoho waited for a long time and finally we were in the Philippines last June.

The first day was spent at the airport, on the airplane, on a bus and on a taxi. Pheww...

Orange ribbons thanks to Ziema ohoho

Before taking off huhuhu super excited~!

The same three roundheads hahaha

See ya Sabah~! >.<

Fast forward 2 hours later

There were droplets of rain greeting us hohoho

Clark Airport... This photo looks retro right? Like those 60's photo hoho no editing done except to add the frame and tag.  

Spent another 2 hours on a bus ride from Clark to Manila.

Cory and I. We spotted something...

Pictures of Virgin Mary in the bus. huhuhu no such thing as this here in our home country.

Hohoho Don was talking to his mom, "Jan lagi call sa, credit sa yang habis nanti." Haha seriously, the call and text rates are crazy~! I only texted my mom once a day. Call rates were RM2.50/min and text rates were RM2.00/sms.   

After that, we spent another hour on a van/taxi to get to our hotel. We spent the whole day travelling. By the time we arrived in Casa Bocobo Hotel, we were so tired. Don, Cory, Reney and I went to ChowKing to nom nom huhuhu

Hohoho was so hungry, ate the whole thing.

Throughout this trip, I think I walked thousands of miles I can cover the whole Sabah. I think that's the downside of travelling on your own without a guide. But when you're in great company, even getting lost was exciting.

The second day was all about sight seeing. That's why the majority of my pictures are of us wearing the same thing hahaha This also marks our first jeepney ride ever~!

First up, Jose Rizal Park~!

Outside our hotel. Good service from the moment I emailed them until we checked out. Huhu

8/9 of us.

Jose Rizal Park was within walking distance from our hotel... less than 10 minutes of walking, we arrived there. We passed here later that night to get back to our hotel and was surprised that many people was lying on the fields just looking at the stars, listening to the music blaring from the speakers and just chilling with friends and family. Speakers were put in every corner of the park, playing Philippino music. Nice.

There behind us was what we thought to be Jose Rizal's monument. Huhuhu took a lot of pictures here. But the truth is... when we walked to the other side,

Jose Rizal was standing on the other side~! Silly us.

I have a knack making this pose huhuhu hand on waist and the other one making a V huhu I seriously need a pose coach.

The life of Jose Rizal (or so I thought it is). Jose was giving a lecture beside me. If you notice, one guy's head is missing. Probably couldn't handle the lecture and his head exploded haha He's sitting in the first row too XD

With the 'Mother of the Philippines'.

Another tourist-ty picture.

"No love for both of you~!" says Ninang to Cory and Epa. hahaha btw, I like your dress Epa.

After the park, we walked to another tourist destination, Intramurous.

Intramuros 1.23km huhu Farid was excited~! You can see me here leading the pack : )

On the way to Intramurous, I saw thos wood electric pole. Hoho.

Manila Cathedral. Gorgeous~! There's a mass going on inside so we couldn't come in huhu I bet it's beautiful~!

We went to three places in Intramuros; Manila Cathedral, San Agustine Museum and church. It's a shame we didn't go to other places there. It's beautiful~! Beautiful buildings.

Don't you just love the way the cathedral is? It's very pretty!

Another one..

All the girls~! >.<

This is the San Agustine Church's door. Fell in love with the carvings.

A shot with the whole church.

With a dungeon-ny lamp and a big bell hohoho

Inside the church. Absolutely breathtaking~!

Blurry picture but I love the background~!

The biggest instrument I ever saw in my life so far~! Haha
An organ pipe.

The hallway of the museum...

This kinda freaks me out. To think that a dead guy is lying inside the thing.

This photo is just random huhu

After the long visit, we walked (again!) to SM Mall where we had lunch and broke our legs in 3 different places. There were absolutely nowhere to sit down~! Anyway, took a quick pic of this riot(?) and quickly put my cam inside, was afraid I would be confronted or something huhu I have a weird line of thinking.

After what seems forever in the mall, we took a Jeepney ride (thank God!) to Ocean Park. All this in one day, can you imagine? Hoho patah jugalah kaki mo bejalan~!

Ocean Park Manila~! So pretty... kinda reminds you of 'Avatar' doesn't it?

One more... just because I like it hoho But Don looks a bit extreme here haha

Inside... no flash photography. Why? Maybe they're afraid the fishes would go berserk. But it's so hard snapping pics of the fishes with no flash hohoho

We saw a lot of fishes here (make sense, it IS called Ocean Park :p). This fish has teeth like humans'~!

I call them the Angelina Jolie fish~! Can't really see their lips here but seriously pouty I tell you~! 

Sea worms. They spend their life going up and down the sand. Cute little fellows though~!


And then theres...

A whale~! Hahaha Jan marah ba Pa.

My favorite area was the big tube aquarium.



A diver giving the marine lives food. So kesian the diver, the stingrays were constantly swarming him to get food.

And he spent a moment to take pics with us~! Hohoho bless you diver man~!

Sooo tired... I think we were inside for a good 2 hours before leaving.

OPM's souvenir store~! Didn't buy anything, just wanted a place to sit down and nurse my sore behind.

Went outside and we bought fake sunglasses~! Wakakaka for what, 50 pesos which is roughly RM4.

After that, we sat down and watched as Ninang and Reney tumbled. Hoho my legs were really killing me~!


After that, we walked back to the hotel, passing Jose Rizal Park and marvel over the people lying on the grass.

Then Cory, Don and I went to McD just around the hotel.
End of day 2.

End of part 1.

The Third day was shopping day with an hour of our lifetime spent being lost. But that's for part 2 huhuhu

Salamat po~!