Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sausages, anyone?

I'm always home alone with my brother (my parents often balik kampung during the weekend). And when it's just the 2 of us, guess who'll do the cooking? Let be give you a hint: he won't even cook the rice!

I'm no cook, you see... I kinda pity my brother a little bit. Why? Care to take some guesses? (it'll be easy! Like eating hotdogs huh) These are some of the food I made for my brother and I... huhuhuhu

 Tang hoon with sausages

Sausages in chilli and tomato sauce

Ffried rice with sausages, eggs and long beans

sausages in black pepper sauce
Heheh it's bad I know... anyone wants to be my cook???
Anyway, semester break has just started and I'm bored. my HK trip was cancelled T.T nothing left to be excited of now. Damn you H1N1~!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

time to pack and disappear

...exams over.

huhuhu 3 weeks semester break means i can blog more!

i just hope i dont procrastinate. hohoho i love to procrastinate!

till then, muahhhhh~!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Look where you're going... seriously. T________T

You must have heard these sayings; Look before you leap and look where you're going. Listen to what they're saying guys.  

A couple of hours ago I was walking up a staircase in a cinema (where we go ever so oftenly). A couple was walking in front of me (holding hands & walking very very slowly).

Dudu, Meme & Fun2 was walking behind me. There was some dude walking behind them. I don't know what happened... I swear it went in slow-motion mode. I tripped or slipped (I'm not sure which) and fell, ... slowly. I didn't even made a sound, its so weird.

The couple in front of me wouldn't notice me falling if it weren't for my friends calling my name and pulling my shirt downwards. I think my panties were exposed a little bit (it was flaming red, mind you!). The guy walking behind them was acting so gentlemen-ly, he was looking down all the time. It was nice of him to spare me the humiliation. hehe

So anyway, I was't so disturbed by the incident. No harm was done (but I think parts of my leg will turn black and blue) :( Damn those red panties, gatal betul mo juga tinguk dunia.

EXAMS NEXT WEEK~!!! I CAN USE ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD, HECK, UNIVERSE~! i can also use those dragonballs, somebody gv it to me! (pls? i'd flash u my red flaming panties. urgh, thats just so wrong...)

Monday, May 11, 2009

tag from resc~!

30 basic Q's

01. Real name : Judith

02. Nicknames: Dith, Jude, Pidith, si comel (hahaha x ba)

03. Married: Nope, i'm free to mingle ba

04. Zodiac sign: Gemini, the twins

05. Male or female: Female (duh...)

06. Age: 21 yrs old (but not for long... T.T)

07. Highschool: SM St. John Tuaran

08. College: IPGM campus gaya

09. Residence: Penampang

10. Hair color: Black

11. Long or short hair: Long, but i want to cut it one of these days...

12. Smoke: No, i hate the asap too

13. Drink: no. dui skema o hidup sa x smoking, x moginum.

14. Available: ermm....

15. Are you a health freak: i dont eat vitamins, but i dont like dirty places.

16. Height: 163cm maybe ntah la somewhere around that la.

17. Do you have a crush?: Dont we all?

18. Do you like yourself: SS ba -suka sendiri. But there r things i'm working on to change. Like how i can hate people eventhough they din do any harm to me. i have many issues hahaha

19. Piercings: yeah, i do. one in each ear. but i havent been wearing earings for so long, i'm not sure they're still there.

20. Tattoos: No. i'd do one of those non-permanent tattoos tho. hehe

21. Righty or lefty: Left. But i can do my ironing using both hands. and i lontar peluru and lempar cakera using my right hand.

22. First surgery: When i was still so young i dunno at what age. about a hole on my neck. the hole is still here hohoho

23: First piercing : when i was 9. but then it benanah-ed. then the piercing closed. i got pierced again in primary 6. then after a couple of months it benanah lagi. then i got pierced in form 4 or 5. stayed till now.

24. First best friends: Adriana, Zarith, Fatin, now i have many many many...

25. First award: Singing award in kindergarden hahaha

27. First pet: when we were small, a white furry dog my brother brought home. i think he saw the pup on the streets. hehehe

28. First vacation: i dont remember. but we go to labuan a lot when i was little. tiket free yg kerajaan bagi dulu

29. First concert: never. remember bsb wanted to come to malaysia a long long time ago (i think when i was in form4)? i wanted to go bah but they cancelled the concert. cissss

30. First crush: i remember him but i dont wanna tell hahahaha (nnt dia tebaca, kembang kuncup lubang idung dia)

i tag :
-anyone who wants to

Sunday, May 3, 2009

cakes, mt.kinabalu, kids~!!!

Chocolate fudge cake. I only ate this when we went to Grace Point last week because I've eaten a PAMA instant noodle beforehand. huhuhu for the fun of going out with friends, I went anyway. I think we only took about half an hour to eat and 1 and half an hour to have our daily dose of xoxo-ing hahaha seriously, we like to gossip. muahahahahaha

'mount kinabalu' ba ni... >.<>

Dudu and our mak supir, Farrah. the claypot Dudu was having was nice. At a reasonable price too! Just rm5.50. I've always thought that Grace Point is a very expensive place to eat but it turns out wrong. It's affordable and yummy. There are many restaurants to pick your food hhu My friends like to eat at 'Etnik Sabah'. The ikan goreng meal is their fave. I like the claypot place. Their chicken chop is to die for and their claypot is nice.

Cory, Don, Ninang & Jamila. The other day, Jamila ordered mocchachino and it was marvellous! I never knew how to differentiate moccha, cappuchino, latte and all that. they pretty much taste the same for me. HOW do you differentiate them anyway???

Yours truly all cute and cuddly nyiahahahaha

Last Friday my oldest borther and his family came to our house in Penampang. Angie and Anderson was there too. hihihi I was so excited to see them! I think 2 months ago was the last time I saw them. I missed them terribly!

Isn't she cute??? She can pose for the camera too. This is Malaysia's next top model! hahaha Angie's all grown up!

 Just look at her smile. I adore this kid.

"Aunty chuchit (she can't pronounce my name huhu), aunty Chuchit, saya mau play the piano."


(Angie looked at the music sheet intently and pretending to play the piano while I play kids' song for her)

I didn't upload Anderson's image though because he was in such a bad mood. If he wasn't crying, he was sleeping. huhuhu I hope the next time he's here, he'll pose for Aunty Chuchit.