Monday, December 8, 2008

tsk tsk needles

My dad had a minor stroke in August this year and after that he experienced pains in his arm... my dad used to drive alot but after that, he couldn't drive because of his arm pains. We went to lots of places to cure his arm (massages, doctors, etc). Last week, we went to an acupuncture place in KK. The doctor and his wife was from mainland China and doesn't speak English let alone Malay so we had to get help from people hihihihi

Anyway, daddy said the needles hurt a little bit huhuhu I'm sure I can't stand it urgh I hate needles... it's just sooooo scary. needles scare me! okay back to my point of telling this story... now my dad can drive! His arm is all fixed! I can't believe it but yeah, instead of me taking him to the acupuncture place, he drove himself there this morning! Woah...

Till the next post... muaaaaaaaaaahhh~!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

la lu la lo li my piano plays on~

Haven't blogged for a while... huhu honestly I dunno wat to write in here. I've been to lots of blogs though to see what they share... hope I can blog better from now on~!!!

Anyway, I've been bored since the school holiday started huhu though i said I wanted to improve my piano playing this holiday... *crickets* I think my piano teacher is running out of patience for me hahaha (I'm sorry Brenda-sensei... I WILL do my best~! Kyaaaah~!!!)

On a side note, I made cupcakes a couple of weeks ago and this is how it looked like~!

(note the past tense 'looked' haha cos it'd transformed into my poo hohoho)
Until my next entry... muaaaaaaaahhh~!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday cakes, balloons, buffet and whatnot (*winkwink*)

Last saturday, my siblings arranged for our mummy and nephew, Anderson (or Aten we call him---called him that because his sister Angie cant say his name properly. she ended calling him Aten' huhuhu). The rest, as they say it, is history.

Neway, my mummy's and Aten's birthday falls on the same day (October 7th) so we decided to celebrate the both of them together with the rest of our extended family.

The party went on okay and whats fun is that we gambled (kua' merah ah ohohoho)there! It's sort of our tradition that the guys will be drinking and the ladies will gamble their way to the wee hours huhuhuhu But I think it's the first time that we did it in a restaurant. I quote my dear Uncle Donald, "We should take the names of these people! For years i've worked in hotels, I've never seen anyone gambled in restaurants/hotels!" He meant that we've made history lah hahahahaha

Something amiss kan tu sign... huhuhu
Aten and Popo

kAngie, Aten's sister and her cousin.

Mummy with her birthday glasses hoho
 Big bro, me and mummy~! Wacky glasses hahahaGeng veteran huhuhuhu
Always the first one going to the buffet table, eh, cuzzy hohoho

The birthday cakes~! Butter cream
 and mango delight... yum yum

Make your wish and blow the candles~! Macam bopday c angie jak tu hahaha
My cousin always the 1st to the buffet table hahaha kami2 la tuDi Dowish Restaurant ba ni. 2 adjoined rooms. It fits 7 round tables so 7 X 10 = 70 pax la kan?
Angie, Nanak and Ochon

We had a great time there... hahaha : )

Monday, September 29, 2008


Yeay it's 1 week away from IP! ohohoho

i just bought a celcom broadband from Don~! (his sister actually)


It's quite fast, this broadband. I can view youtube videos, open friendster and facebook, download, blog (*wink wink*), etc..
moreover, look at my eyes. they're uneven. My left eye is bigger than my right eye. huhuhuhuhu it's so obvious since all you can see is the eyes hahaha ahh... my cute uneven eyes...