Monday, December 8, 2008

tsk tsk needles

My dad had a minor stroke in August this year and after that he experienced pains in his arm... my dad used to drive alot but after that, he couldn't drive because of his arm pains. We went to lots of places to cure his arm (massages, doctors, etc). Last week, we went to an acupuncture place in KK. The doctor and his wife was from mainland China and doesn't speak English let alone Malay so we had to get help from people hihihihi

Anyway, daddy said the needles hurt a little bit huhuhu I'm sure I can't stand it urgh I hate needles... it's just sooooo scary. needles scare me! okay back to my point of telling this story... now my dad can drive! His arm is all fixed! I can't believe it but yeah, instead of me taking him to the acupuncture place, he drove himself there this morning! Woah...

Till the next post... muaaaaaaaaaahhh~!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

la lu la lo li my piano plays on~

Haven't blogged for a while... huhu honestly I dunno wat to write in here. I've been to lots of blogs though to see what they share... hope I can blog better from now on~!!!

Anyway, I've been bored since the school holiday started huhu though i said I wanted to improve my piano playing this holiday... *crickets* I think my piano teacher is running out of patience for me hahaha (I'm sorry Brenda-sensei... I WILL do my best~! Kyaaaah~!!!)

On a side note, I made cupcakes a couple of weeks ago and this is how it looked like~!

(note the past tense 'looked' haha cos it'd transformed into my poo hohoho)
Until my next entry... muaaaaaaaahhh~!!!