Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hahaha (nervous laugh)

Hi guys~!

New semester, last semester. After this, we'll get posted to our school~! (Granted that we pass the exam and action research presentation lah, but hopefully all of us do~!)

With a new semester, comes a new KO (Ketua Opsyen - Sort of the class monitor). If you ask me who has the lowest leadership ability in the class, that would be me. I'm a follower, not a leader. Hohohoho

Anyway, I'll do my best dear classmates~!

Photo courtesy of Slash.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cold feet?

Yeah, I'm having a serious case of jitters now.

Probably having the cold feet symptoms but no worries Philliphines-trip gang, I wont run away. I'm sure I'll get my feet to Manila. Hohoho

But seriously, I'm getting so nervous and uncertain for this trip. Butterflies are doing somersaults near my intestines.

Nothing to do but pray for the best of times and may we all be safe and happy during this trip~! <3

Now, who wants to help me pack... ring me~!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

FML~! Haha

You all know I don't go out much these days, right? Haha I went out 2 and 1/2 hours ago. The plan was:

  1. Take out some money from ASB.
  2. Help my sister post her letter.
  3. Go to Suria to buy tonight's 2130 Toy Story 3 (3D) tickets for me and my sister.
  4. Go to Karamunsing to cash deposit some money to pay for my insurans.
  5. You're done, go home~!
Loooooooooong sigh~!

First, the computer were offline so I couldn't take out some money. Thankfully, I had some money with me that I can use to pay for my insurance. Okay now proceed to agenda #2. Mailing a letter. It was done swiftly.

Agenda #3 was a disaster~! I arrived there to 20 meters of people lining up to buy the tickets. Grr... Then when I finally got to the counter (after 20 minutes of queuing!!!), there were no more seats for the show. Tomorrow's show was full too~! Sure there were seats but at the far end of the cinema~! I don't want that. With twitching eyebrows, I said 'Nevermind. Thanks.' and like a wounded soldier in battle, I dragged myself to the carpark. Half expecting more bad things to happen.

#4 Cash deposit money to pay insurance. I swear if the cash deposit machine was not in service, I'll probably kick it right there and then~! But it wasn't. No line too~! hohoho So I did this swiftly too. Suddenly, a makcik asked me to show her how to use the machine. I taught her, smiled, she thanked me and I was actually glad to help. When I was on the elevator to get to my car, I nearly bumped a pakcik. Then, I was reminded again that my day sucked.

#5 Going home. Check and now I'm doing this.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a beautiful and lucky day~!

P/s: Sabah people, we only have one cinema where we can watch 3D. Book your tickets 2 days before the show~! Gaaaah~!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Little Red Book

No, not the blood donation booklet (I dunno where's mine!!!).

Yeehaa~! My passport to hopefully a wonderful and exciting experience. Will be travelling in a couple of days. Hohohoho 9 friends exploring the Philiphines~! With no guide. Ngiahahaha pretty bold of us since not one of us ever went there before huhu But I think our vacation will be hectic like a tour too~! We already planned where we wanted to go huohohohoho XD

Anyway, not gonna tell about that before we actually go there~! I'm afraid I'll jinx the vacation :p

When I went to get my passport, I didn't have a decent photo so I decided to take my picture there (my aunt works there, so I thought I can be all picky about the best picture I can possibly choose from).

My aunt works in a different department but she has friends here too. I was struck dumbfounded when a worker took me outside the imigration department, ask his friend to hold a blue piece of cloth behind me (as the background), shoved his camera in my face and snapped my passpot picture. Turns out they would take my picture outside~! WTH? Hahaha it was so funny. My ugly picture was not so funny though.

My passport picture was taken here~!

Then, we had to wait for 2 hours for my passport. So, we went upstairs to my aunt's office. She's in the marriage/divorce department. Funny how the two is processed at the same place. Imagine a couple getting married and then another couple getting divorced right there and then. Huhuhu pretty pathetic.

Bilik Pengupacaraan (Ceremony Room)

I thought the room was ok. My aunt says they're working on a garden wedding place just beside this room. Will be availeable next year, maybe.

Sooooo pretty~!

After that, my mom and I lounged around the immigration waiting for my passport. It was damn cold~!!! When I got my passport, we hurried home just to get stuck in yet another traffic jam. What a bummer~!

Anyway, I hope our trip will be fun, happy and memorable~! I'm not taking much money but I sure will take lots of pictures~! <3

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Too much spare time~! Haha

Not that I don't like free time~! It's precious yet slaps boredom accross my recently blackhead infested face.

Haven't been updating much because yeah, all I did these past few days were lounging around my house. Wuargh~!

My activities were... (don't have to be in a suspense mode, they're normal activities)

Baking~! Explored new ingredients for the filling. Aside from choc chips, we inserted our all time favourite sweet. Haw flakes~!

Too lazy to take my own pic, I got this pic from
Sometime my sister and I would call this the gula-gula Amen (Amen candy) because the shape is very similar to the bread we get from the holy communion.

The cake was yummy~! Even with no cream, it was finger licking good. Another thing I did was helping my sister colour her hair. Yes, we are thrifty people~! Hoho

Behold~! My colouring prowess~! My fingers are short and gumuk (thick)~! I always blame them when I can't play the guitar well (not blaming my nonexistent musical talent at all haha).

Her idea of steaming her hair. Creative~!

She's having her PTK exam today. Goodluck sis~!

P/s: Her  hair turned out pretty ok. Who's next? Wakakaka

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Confessions of a birthday girl

23 years~! Ever year I never fail to say this, "I'm ooooooooooold~!!!!!" Hoho I can be somewhat a pessimist. Like earlier when I woke up I was thinking, "Another 7 years and I'm gonna be....gulp.....30."

Yeah, she's freaking out huhu

Gah, 7 years is a long time right? Right? RIGHT?! Okay, stop freaking out.

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mum. I've been eyeing this thing for a long time now. Always passing by and looking at it. Yesterday I finally took a proper look, tried it on and bought it~!

I dunno what was I doing. Somekind of gunmen salute? Hoho can't really see the new item recently added to my gracefully limited closet.

What's with that face? hahaha This wasn't the one I originally wanted but I was completely caught in love with the colours huhuhu

And I bought a pair of new shoes since my kuliah shoe has finally taken the toll of the countless stairs in my college (institute, whatever). BATA sale~! My shoe was down 30%. I'm officially penniless~! T.T

Later that day, my eldest brother took us out for dinner at a seafood place. It kinda became a tradition with him to take me out to dinner for my birthday. Last year was yummy~! It's sort of a celebration for his wedding anniversary and my birthday. Yup, he got married on my birthday~!

Outside Gayang Seafood Restaurant. Tanks of fishes to choose from~! <3

From left: my brother in law Joe, big bro, Anderson, my sister in law Dolly. Waiting for our food. My stomach was growling~! I didn't have lunch today~!!! Hoho

Corn soup with crab. I think it was ok, my sister thinks otherwise.

Butter prawn~! I loooooove this dish. Never went to a seafood restaurant without ordering this baby!

Curry crab. Didn't think it was going to be a dry curry. Hoho Haven't been eating crab for so long~! <3 But eating this messes up your fingers. I think my fingers was the dirtiest that night. Yum yum~!

There was another dish, Nyonya style fish (I think, I'm so bad with recipe names) and I liked it very much too~! Moi mummy enjoying the food.

Pandan pudding. I thought the presentation could've been better. So plain. This time I agree with my sister, it was bland. Not too much to taste. I finished mine anyway hohoho

No problem for her though~! Angie loves the pudding~!

It was a great night just catching up with family. Haven't seen most of them for the past month. Looking forward to next year's dinner~! Hohoho thank you big bro~!

Since I was young, birthdays was always celebrated. No matter big or small, a cake was always there. I am thankful to my family for always celebrating my birthday and make me feel good throughout my life.


Tra la la la not doing anything special today (although I half sweared I'd do something today hoho). I was thinking of catching a movie today.

You see, I've been a member of GSC for a long time now (5years~!) and I never used the priviledges. One of them is you can watch a movie free of charge on your birthday month. In today's world, nothing is free, there's gotta be a catch. There's always a catch.

I didn't go because... well, the free movies doesn't excite me. The catch is that not every movie is free. You can only watch those with an asterisk.

Andartu? Naa.... Bounty Hunter? Bad reviews from my friends plus, my brother have this movie, I'll watch it later.

Once A Gangster? I could go watch this but... I don't have that jolt of wonderment to watch. (Actually I woke up late and can't make it to the 1150 show haha and I don't wanna go out alone too late.) 

Shrek3? Already watched it in 3D hohoho

The free ticket lasts for a month so, maybe I'll wait a while longer la. Maybe later this month I'll be motivated to go.

Talking about 3D, thanks to Epa's effort, 11 friends went and watched Shrek together. It was such a happy time!

Since every picture with me in it is not clear haha I'm using Aimi and Linda~!

So now I'm just watching the television. Hoho

On another note, congratulations to Francesca Schiavone for winning the women's single in Roland Garros~!

The Italian's speech was so cute~! "I'm sorry, I did not prepare nothing because if I prepare something for the future, it will not happen."

Great game~! Tomorrow is the men's finals between my favorite player, Rafael Nadal and Robin Soderling who last year beat Rafa on the same court. Good luck Nadal~!

Thank you very much for all your wishes~! I appreciate every word you say~! <3 <3 <3


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I need you now...

Lady Antebellum is awesome~! I like their songs so much~! (stars in my eyes) hohoho

I have 'Need You Now' in repeat hoho I do that when I like a certain song. I listen to it over and over again until I memorize the lyrics. Check out their other songs on YouTube. I love them all~!

I think Dave (left, with guitar) is cute (if he looses the beard lah hoho) I only know Dave's name out of these 3. Not because I don't care for the other 2 (they're excellent singers btw) but because I was searching for 'Need You Now' guitar tutorial and voila, Dave personally gives a guitar tutorial for the song! It's in YouTube huhu

At the Country Music Awards (I think!)

Okay enough about my recent obsession.

Isn't it funny that when you're in class/work and you're dreaming over that semester break and then finally when semester break is here, it bores you to death?

Atleast they're happy.

School holidays excites me but I don't like being in one. Maybe because home is not far from where I study and I see my family often. That's why school break bores me. AND... I hardly go anywhere. Since the semester break started, the farthest that I went was to Kepayan (this morning) to pick some mangoes from my uncle's house.

Haha I'm practically saying that my life is boring.

I swear I'll do something this Saturday.

Maybe. <--- too lazy to confirm hehe