Monday, November 30, 2009

Memory pills, anyone?

I'm such a forgetful person. or maybe I lack focus huhuhu

First, I've left my phone at home several times. It wasn't when I got to the dorm did I noticed that my phone wasn't around huhu sometimes I'd forget my charger too huhu

When we were still in IP Keningau, I did remember to bring my laptop but I had forgotten my laptop charger. Grrr...

In lectures... I always forget what the lecturer says (facts, homeworks suma lah). luckily Dudu has a very good memory hohoho maybe i should try to pay attention, that's the key.

hmmph~! Don't let me get started on keys. Car keys, room keys, house keys, you name it, i've lost it all! I've misplaced all of them. I get frustrated looking for them I end up looking like a beruang (i prefer polar bears hoho so cute~!).

Speaking about car keys... I'm still pretty traumatised by the dropping-the-car-key-in-the-drain thing... now I only take out my car key when I'm standing beside my car huhu except if I parked where I know there's no drains or holes hohoho

The most common thing that I've misplaced is probably my books. I keep them everywhere~! on the table, in my bags, in folders, racks, bed, virtually everywhere lah. XD (can't help it that i'm messy~!)

My ultimate forgetfulness shows when i was eating out with my sister in Pizza Hut Putatan. *sighs* we were happily eating, went home and finally i realised my handphone was nowhere to be found. I looked in the car (where I usually put my hp & then forgetting all about it) and everywhere but it was nowhere~! I just bought the hp bah T.T Imagine my sorrow and fear!

And using my home phone, I called my own hp (I feel stupid! and was really nervous. I can feel my heartbeat~!!!) and someone picked it up~! I was already thinking of bad things like;

Me: Hello
??: Hi you stupid girl, leaving your hp. I free2 ambik lah muahahahahaha


Me: Hello, can I have my hp back?
??: What?! Finders keepers ngehehehe

But... turns out I left it in Pizza Hut and one of the waitress picked it up and kept it for the owner to claim.. hehehe so at 9pm, I drove to Putatan and claimed my hp, with a sheepish face hohoho and I thanked the lady so much, she'd puke the word thanks.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

my barn, restaurant, cafe and amusement park~!

it's the holidays~!!! hohohoho luv it!

it's the time that i may get boring with nothing to do but i'll feel happy because i dont have to go to class, no assignments, no practical, no lectures,... it's an undescribable happiness~!

so, i'll be spending my time infront of the comp a lot looking after my barn, restaurant, cafe and amusement park! who knows, maybe i'll take care of an aquarium too! i love fb, i made it my home~! hehehe

my lovely barn~! with moomoo, kambing tagap, piggy wogok, and chrome the dog(dont try try to rob my crops ah... he bites!) hohoho~! oh and not forgetting the crops... i love to plant pomegranate, dunno why.

recently played this(hence the incomplete amusement park)...

welcome to my restaurant~! this application is cute~! but my restaurant is still so petite in size ooo... gotta play some more to expand wuohohohohoho

huhuhu and this is my cafe... kalah cafe si macik rossa sana IP huhuhu

since i like geography, this game is such an entertaining game~! even if you dont like geography, just try it~! can learn about flags, maps and attractions in many countries~! love, love, love, love, loveeeeee~!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Isn't it funny? >.<

When it comes to exams, i get very super duper extra mega lazy.

I'd say to myself, "I'll study tonight... for sure!"

And when night comes, "Tomorrowlah study~!"


Thank God for group discussions~!