Saturday, August 28, 2010


I once said I will never like the color yellow and red. These days, I find myself attracted to them. Huhuhu

I swore that I will never like my hair long (since I always had short hair when I was small) --- I've had long hair for years now~!

I said auto cars are boring. Yes, you guessed right, my car is an auto gear~! hohoho Convenience wins it >.<

I told Dudu she was a teenybopper for liking SHINee (pronounced as shiny, at first I thought it was shi nee ^_^ ). Especially when she blogged about them. Now, I can't stop listening to their songs and watching 'Lucifer' again and again. Hahaha sorry Dudu~! So to make up for it, I'm writing this post~!

The SHINee boys are very good dancers~! Look at this video if you wanna see them dance. Watching this video is a daily ritual for both Dudu and I XD.

I am officially a fan of SHINee~!

Last week was my korean music week. I was watching a lot of youtube --- was watching 2pm, Homme (they keep undressing in the vid, eye candy but a little bit weird), CNBlue, Big Bang, MBLAQ, SUJU (I still can't understand why they need 12 members in super junior!!!), T-ARA, Hot Potato, MC Mong, etc...
Anyway, lesson of the day, never say never. Hohoho

One thing is for sure, I'll NEVER like vegetables! Unless you can find veggies that tastes like chicken.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A sinking feeling. Have you ever had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? That’s what I’m feeling now. The source of this feeling, you might ask? Being low on fund, that’s where it’s coming from. Every time I think about it, I feel like screaming my head off.

Then my head would fly (still screaming, mind you) to the ones responsible for my lack of money. I’m talking to you, dear people of -----tut----.

As free as this country claims it to be, I still can’t talk as freely as I want. After all, where can I find the money to pay my lawyers if they decide to sue me?

Hoho I’m so pathetic.