Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top 10 why i dont like practicum~!!!

I've been meaning to post about my practicum since last semester but decided not to hoho

Everytime I go to school, I feel like I've chosen the wrong career. My sense of regret just builds up and well, it eats me up. grrr... I've never been good with kids in the first place (I got better though, thanks to babysitting my niece and nephew!).

Let me list the things I hate about practicum:- (drumroll pleaseeeee~!)

1) I hate waking up early. Like a freaking zombie, I'd walk mamai-ly to the shower.

2) Why is it that we must be extra super duper nice to the teachers? I'll end up with reliefs anyway.

3) I hate relief class~!!!

4) Making teaching aids (why bother? I wont do it when I actually become a teacher later)

5) Making lesson plans. (why make 3-4 pages of lesson plans now when we're just gonna reduce it to 1 page later when we become full pledge teachers hoho)

6) Not only we have to make lesson plans & teaching aids, we have 2,3,4 assignments to do during the practicum.

7) Observation kills me. Its just not comfortable when someone is watching you teach huhuhu not to mention nerve-wrecking lagi.

8) We almost never get to go out to watch movies. (we become factory workers at night making teaching aids)

9) We spend a lot of money to buy manila cards, colour papers, double tapes, etc

10) Allowance never comes early. (whats the point of having practicum allowance if we dont use it while doing our practicum? dush dush)

Thats all I can think of now hehe

It is only when we teach that we cherish the times we were the students ba. I'd rather be a student than be the teacher.


anum amir said...

chaiyo2!!p belajar jepun la kita.

BrokenSatellite said...

true true true!! totally agree with u!

especially on #1,#4,#5 and definitely #10!!

oh, im slacking.
its almost 10.40pm.
LP belum siap! :D

correction,blum start!


selamat berpraktikum!

Munchkin said...

anum: wui ko mo p bjr jipun? hohoho

jacq: practicum sucks d life out of me ooo... truk eh sa ajar 4 classes, year 1,2,4, and 5. gila.

OnellaLuV said...

sukung judith...
sy pn x suka praktikum...hihihi

Anonymous said...

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