Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stuck in the past

It's been ages since I updated this blog. Even the christmas ornaments wallpaper remains half a year after the celebration. I like the wallpaper... maybe I'll change it after this year's christmas. Such a lazy bum. : D

Today I turn 24. Gee... I feel old. Felt like I haven't achieved much in life the way I wanted it to be a decade ago.

Back then, I wanted:

  • To work as an executive in a company or to become a marine biologist. Oh, I've always wanted to become a journalist~! Totally random.  
  • To travel the world and see other people's culture, architecture and art. Also to eat good food all around the world. 
  • To cut off fat from waist, arm, leg, etc... 

Point #1, I'm not saying that I hate my job. It's just I never thought of becoming a teacher but now that I am, I can't lie and say that there are absolutely nothing about it that I like. Sure, we all have certain things in our job that we hate, right? Surely there are.

Point #2, Yes, I've been to other countries apart from home but I haven't gone to the places I really wanted like Japan, France (maybe watch Roland Garros? hohoho), Spain, New York, South Korea, London, etc... Relying on my current salary would mean I'd have to starve once I get there. Boo hoo...

Point #3, Ermm... let's not discuss this.

But I'm not a total wreck, I am thankful that I:

  • Have a job to pay the bills and have fun (but not to travel! Maybe I'd have to sell my kidney just so I can get my bum to France like that kid in China who sold his kidney to buy an iPad). 
  • Mostly, at 24, I'm grateful that I still have the love of my family and friends. 

p/s: last night I found out that my SPP interview is this Wednesday. Wow... what a great bday present. Just great. I haven't done my reading yet~! Grrr...