Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kyros kebab, Dragonball movie --- A date with Dudu

A few interesting things happened these past few days...

I bought handphone. Nokian XpressMusic 5800. Touch screen huhuhu it's a great phone minus the camera. I wanted to buy a good camera phone but i didn't know what to choose so my brother pointed this one out... said it was a good one. so being unable to decide, i picked the one he chose. hoho indecisive ba me. huhu

I'm going to Johore tomorrow for kagum. Playing badminton. not much confidence but I'll do my best-est~!!! hahaha trained for merely a fortnight. Which is not enough if you ask me.

I went to watch Dragonball... huhu i wasn't expecting much from the movie but I think it exceeded my expectations(which is superly low, moronly low). huhu it was kinda short though. only 1 hour 20 mins. Some scenes could've been longer than it was.

Wish it was longer.
Wish yamcha was a lot more handsome.
Wish bulma's hair is better.
I liked Chi Chi.

I ate at a place I've never eaten before with Dudu.

Kyros Kebab.
It's near Eaton's and it's kinda secluded from everything.
I feel out of pace in kyros because in there everything slows down. haha kinda nice once in a while though.
The food was good.

this is my black paper chicken sizzling.
Masi ada asap2 lagi tu haha

I'm hoping that Ican have fun during kagum. I have a feeling that I wont. :(

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I don't know if I'm sad or happy

Should I rejoice?

Cry a river?

Why? because earlier today the badminton coach smsed me saying whether I really wanted to participate in KAGUM or not because he needs a highly disciplined player in his team.
Bewildered, I asked him, 'Do I have a disciplinary problem?'
He said I didn't turned up to practice yesterday.

Well, to my defense, I wasn't aware that there's practice session yesterday. You know where I was yesterday? playing golf with my bro and sis. I could've easily gone back to IP ba if I knew. I thought he said the weekend is supposed to be the day we jog around. no practice. WTH?!

I freely kna ckp x berdisiplin... Maybe I misintrepeted his orders ba... he didn't believe me, I guess, because he said he will discuss this matter to the higher people.

 I feel like doing the katon gokyaku no jutsu to him.

Back to the title, I dunno whether to feel happy or not because the kagum is almost 1 week in duration (during cuti lagi tu). I wanted to spend the holiday with my family. If I don't go to Johore, then I'm home bound la.

I'm not sad if I'm not going because I want to save money for my HK trip this June. huhuhu

Conclusion? I hope my name will be dropped from the bdmntn team~!!! I don't play exceptionally good badminton ba. I just enjoy playing with my friends and watching the pros on tv only hohoho

What a way to start the day : someone saying you're 'x berdisiplin' early in the morning. LOL

*pics above didnt involve any mardigras parades and careless fire spitting. No harm was done.*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I feel like i haven't been posting photos for awhile now... so i give you this~!

Have you seen this person??? Very cute cute one hohoho

Wished i braced my teeth when i was younger. now i look like i'm a vampire outcast for having only one taring.

Spotted, Judith harassing Patrick Star's manboobs.

Anyway, i've been chosen to play badminton for the KAGUM in Johore. The only reason i'm chosen is that the other players are either going for their holiday or taking part in the athletics. i feel like quitting but it seems too little too late already. Grrr...
Plus, the kagum will be from 13-18 March... huh... too long a time! i want to have the school holidays at home (staying at home doing nothing WITH my family).
I dont have high hopes for the women's bdmntn team though... i expect we'll be hitting town in no time hahaha hey who knows, maybe we can go all the way to singapore!

hey, any suggestions for a reasonable handphone? thought of buying LG cookie but it has no 3g... i scratched that one from my list.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Once upon a time... there was a boy and a girl

My Linear Algebra lecturer told us a story,

If a boy asked a girl, 'where do u want to go?' (bf/gf, going out to eat)

The girl will say, 'Anywhere also can ba'

Boy: What do u want to eat?

Girl: Anything also can... anywhere you like lah

Then the boy brought the girl somewhere

Girl: Aiyaa... why here ah!!! I dont want here ooo...


Girl: Aiyaa... this place, again!

When i think about it, true enough~!!! I do that all the time nyiahahaha

Why we do it... I dunno.

Maybe we girls expect boys to understand us after all the time spent together kan.

Then Mr.KTH said,
When they are married for 10-15 years already,
Husband: Where do you want to go?
Wife: Anywhere lah...
Husband: Anywhere is NOwhere lah.. no need to go out lah.

: ) We think Mr.KTH is having problems with his wife, hence the stories. haha
He even told us that "Anything men say will be replied by women tenfold.. so it's a lose-lose situation for men..." hihihihi (by this time, we confirm that he's hving an argument with his wife, no?)