Monday, October 19, 2009

Bad, bad, bad luck~!

The pics are pretty gross... huhuhu

Guess what fell in this ditch???

My sister's car key! haiya... actually it was me who dropped it. I dunno why it slipped through my fingers. grrr... seriously, I have butterfingers~!!!

This happenned in Servay Putatan. I panicked like hell at the parking lot huhu must've looked like nenek tua yang panic. About 5 minutes after, some workers decided to help us...

And he dipped his hands into that ditch, into that dirrrrty water with what looked like products from your ass swimming, floating in there. yukkk~!!! It was super smelly ooo~! Anyway, he found the carkey and went to wash it before giving it to us. I tipped him rm10 for his trouble and smelly hand hohoho

Would you helped me, if you were there??? Thanks to that young man!

By the way, did you know that a light will go off if your car key fell into water? So happens to a Kenari's alarm switch. A red light will go off. Thanks to whoever invented the alarm switch with the red emergency light, the carkeys was easily found!


epa_is_fred said...

would you helped me, if you were there???

my answer : absolutely NO!!!!


Munchkin said...

jahatnya ko pa!!! kalo ko tu, sa tlg tu (nyiahahahaha btl ka x ni)