Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's short~!

I've been having long hair for so long.

The reason I don't cut it shorter than my shoulder is because my hair is thick. I'm afraid it'll go berserk. Berserk as in it'll go really kembang. Think like a lion's mane. Hahaha

But after my sister cut her hair short, it looked nice. She has thick hair too, the only thing we have in common because we absolutely don't look alike~! Rest assure, we were not picked up from the drain or something. My sister looks like my mummy and I am a carbon copy of my daddy.

Because time is insanely ample these days thanks to me being not posted yet, I cut my own hair the other day. Not the whole thing, just my bangs (thank God~!)

Passpot photo hahaha complete with blue background. Heh, this one may look okay. Wait till you see the side view.

There it is~! I'm sorry the pictures aren't that good in quality. All of my pics in this post is taken from my phone camera. Bida betul rambut depan tu~!


At some point, I can see the resemblence between Abu Bakar Ellah and I wakakakakaka XD

Anyway, I decided to just cut my hair short to fo with the short bangs I marvelously created for myself. Went to a salloon in Tuaran because cutting hair in KK is soooooo pricey~!

Besides, I have a bad experience here in Donggongon. The guy looked professional but when he cut my hair, he used a flat iron (maybe because my hair is originally curly, he couldn't cut it evenly, but I don't know... I just ruined my bangs) AND my hair turned out butt ugly~! Damn that guy.

I wish I could hurt him with laser eyes.

Some hairstylists just don't get how to handle hair like mine. Another reason I don't fancy going to salloons. They just complaint that I've got really thick and curly hair and do a really bad job at it. They charge extra for that too~! I'd pay with a wide smile if they did a good job at it but sadly they don't.

A salloon in Tuaran knows how to handle my hair though... that's why I like it there. Well, I found out through Facebook that a schoolmate of mine opened a salloon in Tuaran but I couldn't find it so I just went to my regular salloon.

Freshly cut~! So short~!!! Hohoho

When I went out with Dudu to watch Gulliver's Travels last Monday. Short hair have a lot of perks... I use less shampoo and it dries faster huhu

I now have the greatest respect for barbers and hairstylists alike for your great talent of making people's hair pretty.


BrokenSatellite said...


it suits u! :) pandai tu orang potong :)

it has this korean/jap feel to it.

Ai.Zuhair said...

judith.....why~~~~~~ klu jalan d kk , konfem aku x cam ko.... 5years ko rambt panjang.....hahahaha.
well, all the best....

hehe. aku pun ada fav saloon jgk.. bru jumpa last year. senang ja mau gunting sana..aku pesan "ko gunting ja ikut suka ko, mana ko rasa ngam sama aku"

epa_is_fred said...

inspired by ninang ka ni? hahaha

resyscaz said...

cuteee....kawaiiiii......mau tgk depan2.