Friday, February 4, 2011

360 degrees of fireworks.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone~! It's the year of the rabbit and guess who's born under this chinese zodiac? hohoho moi. Yours truly. Yeah you got the idea, it's me~! Huhuhu

I was at my aunty's house on CNY eve and at midnight, the sky was so beautiful~! If you look up the sky and turn 360 degrees, everything you see is fireworks hohoho I regretted not bringing a better camera. This is shot with my handphone.

My aunt's Chinese neighbour launched their firework and it was a first for me to watch fireworks directly below it. It was magical and my mouth just wouldn't shut as I gawked at the kaleidoscope of colors. 

I hope this year will be a year full of wealth, good health, harmony and love all around. For me and for you.

This is quite a special year for me because this year marks the first ever year of working. I found out that I'll be teaching in Tambunan, about 1 1/4 hour from Donggongon. Lots of people can get there in 1 hour but not me hahaha I'm such a slow driver.

I hope the school can be reached by Mr. Grey Myvi hohoho hope there's a phone line, electric and water. I'm demanding too much eh?

I'm eager to know where I'm posted at hohoho heard the letters will arrive this monday.

Happy CNY everyone~!


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