Friday, February 18, 2011

Ain't it funny?


It fascinates me sometimes.

In the morning, my friend told me about a room for rent in a house where a 40 year old lady teacher lives.

In the afternoon, my cousin told me about a room for rent where a 40 year old lady teacher lives. My cousin’s friend was living in the room but moved out because she was transferred to her hometown.

5 minutes later, I went to wash my car in a car wash place. I saw a lady about a couple of years older than me. I can tell she was a teacher. I dunno… you just have this instinct if you saw someone and can tell that they’re a teacher huhu anyway, she had one glance at me and asked, “Are you a teacher?” hehe I dunno whether I’m glad or not that she recognized me as a teacher too.

She then said, “Are you from KK?” I nodded and answered, “Yes” simultaneously.

“Are you Jessie’s cousin?” Everything clicked and we laughed.

What a small world. To meet her there was so amusing to me. We chatted till her car was ready. She said the house where the room is at is complete with tv, washing machine, icebox, etc… And how when she was posted here, she was given a school so far from town the phone reception is zero.

She cried for two weeks before she accepted her fate. I am fortunate enough to be posted near town.

This story will have a great ending if I end up living in the house where a 40 year old lady teacher lives. I can’t go there when my daddy and mummy have already bought me an icebox, rice cooker and a stove in KK.

“It’s a shame…” I said as I exited the car wash. Had my cousin told me about this yesterday, I would’ve gone to live with the 40 year old lady teacher.

Oh great… a cursed escaped my mouth as I switched on the wiper.

I suppose it’s just a coincidence that it rains just after my car is squeaky clean, eh?

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