Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of illusions and dreams

I’ve been having weird dreams lately. Peculiar than déjà vu huhu…

You see, my daily working routine is waking up at 5.40am to boil some water for my bath. Hey, the water is ice cold okay~! Then after turning the fire on, I’d stagger back to bed and try to sleep until my second alarm rings at 5.50am. That’s when my day truly starts.

Yesterday, I did the old routine of switching off my 5.40 am alarm and got up to turn the fire on the stove to boil a kettle of water. Then I returned to bed and napped, waiting for my second alarm to ring. Sounds normal, right? Right???

I jerked in bed and realized I was just dreaming. I laughed as I realized what had just happened. It totally got me confused at first. My socks were still on and my bedroom door was still closed, tell tale signs that I didn’t got up and turned on the stove.

Seconds of laughing at myself, my alarm rang. A very interesting way of waking up, I guess.   

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